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Who are the QECP Trail Collective?

The QECP Trail Collective is a group of volunteers that are dedicated to building and maintaining the trails at Queen Elizabeth Country Park in Hampshire UK.

Do you have to pay to ride the trails at QECP?

No. The Trails are free to ride at QECP however if you wish to park at QECP then you will need to pay for parking. Parking fees are nothing to do with the QECP Trail Collective and are charged by the park and local council.

Is the QECP Trail Collective part of the QECP Park / Council?

No, the QECP Trail Collective is independent of the QECP Park and Council but have permission to build and maintain the trails at QECP.

Who pays for the Trails at QECP?

The trails are built and maintained by the QECP Trail Collective volunteers. Money for materials comes from donations. You can donate through our site using Paypal or through Trailforks

Can anyone dig at QECP

You can only build and maintain trails at QECP if you are apart of the QECP Trail Collective or if you come along to one of our Dig Days as a Volunteer. Please note that you may be required to sign a form for insurance purposes before you are allowed to take part in a Dig Day.

Do I have to pay to attend a Dig Day?

No, Dig Days are a way for people to give back to the trails by donating time and labour to build and maintain the trails at QECP. You can donate to the QECP Trail Collective as well if you so wish.

What do I need to bring on a Dig Day

Please wear sensible footwear such as boots on a Dig Day. Steel toe-capped boots are recommended as you may be using tools such as spades, picks, mattocks etc. We also recommend that you bring plenty of food, water and sensible clothing. We also recommend that you bring sturdy gloves.

During Covid-19 we also require that you bring PPE. Please wear a face mask and bring gloves such as sturdy gardening gloves.

How can I join the QECP Trail Collective

Please contact a member of the QECP Trail Collective if you wish to join. You can use our contact form on this website.

Can I build my own trails at QECP

No. Please do not build any trails without permission from the QECP Trail Collective. Dig Days are pre-approved with the park and are planned by the QECP Trail Collective. Any unofficial/illegal trails will be removed